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Frequently Asked Question!

No, it is not an official website of PayPal, We are just giving you a trusted platform from where you can get quality services as per your need.
WE are Digital marketing company operating in Malaysia and all of our services will be related to Malaysian rule and regulations.
It’s very important to understand the basic concept of our working. We are only responsible for account creation and we will give to 100% verified account but we can not guarantee that account will not be suspended. PayPal is very strict with its policies if you break any rule your account will be suspended. Our Premium account creation will have much benefits than other type of accounts contact us for more details.
In case of Personal and business account you don’t have to pay any monthly fee but in premium account we will charge monthly fee depending on the given services.
Yes, We accept PayPal balance as well but have certain condition for that. If the balance is FNF(Friends and Family) then there is not problem but in case of GNS(Goods and Services) we have to take some precautionary measures to make sure the legal source of funds and your client have to approve the amount before you getting paid.
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